Q: How can I help?
A: Get the word out, encourage your friends to do the same. We could really use help aggregating sites, so if you want to work behind the scenes, researching sites that need help, email us at [email protected]. Let us know you want to join our team.

Follow us on Twitter at @vaxvolunteers for more updates.

Q: Can you find me personalized volunteer opportunities in my area?
A: We cannot suggest individual opportunities. Please check back often if there isn't something on our current list.

Q: What is a Medical Volunteer?
A: A medical volunteer is someone who is a licensed or retired medical professional who is eligible to administer vaccines.

Q: What is a Non-Medical Volunteer?
A: A non-medical volunteer is a person who can assist with duties such as patient sign-in, greeting, traffic control and numerous other important tasks that make a vaccine clinic run smoothly. Each clinic has different needs and will let you know in what capacity you are needed when they accept you as a volunteer.

Q: Is this information accurate?
A: Information changes quickly. We do our best to keep the information accurate and up to date.

Q: I signed up with one of the links but I haven't heard back. Can you help?
A: While there is a big need for volunteers, many sites need time to work through their volunteer lists and assign them to teams or locations. Some sites will stop accepting volunteers when they no longer have needs. We can't help contact the sites directly for you, but we will try to keep our listings updated accordingly.